What to Wear:

To give your child a sense of belonging and also in preparation of them starting School, you can purchase T-Shirts and Sweatshirts with the Pre-School logo on. They are available to order, please contact a member of staff for more details and prices.

Please do not send your child in their best clothes. It is essential that all jumpers, hats, coats, school bag etc are all clearly labelled with your child’s name. Any labels can be ordered via the Pre-School from our supplier. It is also important your child wears sensible footwear.


Outdoor Learning:

The children will be taking part in outdoor activities on a daily basis. Therefore children should come at all times with suitable outdoor clothing. During the summer months, could you please ensure you supply your child with sunscreen (this will be applied by Pre-School once you sign the consent form) and a clearly named sun hat.