About Us

Newhall Pre School is a fun, vibrant and exciting environment for your child to be a part of, helping them to learn and have fun in the process.

We know this can be a worrying time for parents and a little upsetting for your child, if you have any concerns or questions please see your child’s key worker. Key workers are one of our members of staff who will be assigned to your child within the first half term of them starting Pre-School. Some children settle into the setting very quickly whilst others it can take a while longer but this is quite normal. The first step of learning is at home, but this is the first step of education for your child and it can be a very exciting and rewarding time.

Everyone at Newhall Pre School hopes that your child enjoys the time that they spend with us.

The Pre-School is a charity run organisation; we hold fundraising events to keep the Pre-School equipped. We usually have a ‘Fun Day’, which is in May and is our main fundraising event. A few times in the year we sell raffle tickets and hold events for the children. The money we make from the Fun Day pays for equipment and toys for the children at the Pre-School.

The Pre-School is run by a committee of volunteers which is made up of parents of children who are still attending the Pre-School or whose children have now left. The Pre-School also welcomes any help by parents or guardians, by helping out on the committee or the fundraising committee or helping out in the sessions at the Pre-School. Any help is very much appreciated.